20 Moments of Cherry Blossoms in Japan that Will Make You Want to Move There

Spring has arrived in Japan. From Okinawa in the south to Hokkaido in the north, Japan blooms with colorful cherry (sakura) flowers scattered throughout the country.

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We have selected some of the best moments of cherry blossoms in Japan just for you. Check these out!

1. Quiet Hill in Chiba Prefecture

2. Train from Kyoto to Arashiyama

3. Jikkokubune Canal Cruise in Kyoto

4. Cycling Road in Saga Prefecture

5. Fuji Cemetery in Shizuoka Prefecture

6. Night in Tokyo SkyTree

7. Peaceful Park in Ishikawa Prefecture

8. Roadside in Okinawa Prefecture

9. Children Playing in Kanagawa Prefecture

10.Silent Field in Hokkaido Prefecture

11. Calm Road in Tokyo

12.Sunny Day in Osaka Castle

13.Hirosaki Park in Aomori Prefecture

14. Riverside in Fukuoka Prefecture

15.Takada Castle in Niigata Prefecture

16.1,000 sakura trees in Miyagi Prefecture

17.Colorful Roadside in Tokyo

18. Giant Statue of Goddess Kannon in Gunma Prefecture

19. Night View in Hiroshima Prefecture

20.Chidorigafuchi Park in Tokyo

Amazing, right? We hope you like them! 

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