For Gods and Pharaohs - 10 Majestic Ancient Temples of Egypt

5,000 years ago, a civilization rose along the Nile River in northern Africa and gave birth to some of the greatest cities the world have ever seen. Today, the mysterious ruins and everything left by the Ancient Egypt still invites admiration as archaeologists continue their researches to decipher its secrets.


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If you are a fan of anything related to Ancient Egypt, don't skip the list below. We have curated some of the most magnificent temples from the times of Pharaohs just for you.

1. Luxor Temple

Constructed some 3,400 years ago, this incredible worship place is believed to be the location where Pharaohs were officially crowned when Luxor was still called Thebes. A portion of the complex is turned into Abu Haggag Mosque, and there is an avenue of Sphinxes leading to Karnak Temple.   


2. Karnak Temple

Another great temple of Thebes, Karnak Temple was mostly constructed during the Eighteenth Dynasty from 16 - 13th century BCE. Walk through the ram-headed sphinxes and witness the colossal statues and pillars in the former halls where great festivals to Amun and Mut were once held. 


3. Abu Simbel

One of the most recognized landmarks of Egypt, the twin temples of Abu Simbel with their giant statues are built by cutting solid rock as eternal monument to Pharaoh Ramesses II from 13th century BCE. Just like Luxor and Karnak Temple, Abu Simbel is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

4. Temple of Hatshepsut

The grand temple with massive terraces was constructed as mortuary temple for Hatshepsut, the female Pharaoh from 3,500 years ago. After climbing the ramp, you will be greeted by a line of Hatshepsut statues dressed as Osiris. You can also find the shrine to Amun, Hathor, and Anubis inside. 

5. Temple of Edfu

Located on the west bank of the Nile in Upper Egypt, the Temple of Edfu was dedicated to Horus, the falcon god who was identified with Apollo during the Hellenic era of Ptolemaic Dynasty. A huge pylon is erected as main entrance, leading to the hall with beautiful pillars and inner sanctuary. 


6. Temple of Dendera

The best-preserved temple complex from Hellenic era can be found in Dendera, with the main temple dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of love. Ancient Egyptians believed that Hathor traveled from Dendera to Edfu each year to visit Horus, and they celebrate it as sacred marriage with holy festival.   

7. Temple of Philae

Originally located on the Island of Philae, this beautiful temple was built to honor Isis and other gods. During its heyday, pilgrims to Temple of Philae came from places as far as Anatolia and Greek mainland. Just like Abu Simbel, this temple is also relocated due to Aswan Dam project. 

8. Temple of Kom Ombo

Another temple from Hellenic era sits peacefully in Kom Ombo, Upper Egypt. The temple's design is rather unusual because it's perfectly symmetrical along the central axis. A part of the temple was dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god. You can also see some crocodile mummies in nearby museum. 

9. Temple of Seti I

The great temple in the sacred city of Abydos is famous among conspiracy theorists since one fragment of its hieroglyphs depicts something that look like modern helicopter and airplane. But aside from that, Temple of Seti I is also an impressive monument to visit with grand façade and reliefs.   

10. Medinet Habu

Located on the west bank of Luxor, Medinet Habu is the mortuary temple of Ramesses III from around 12th century BCE, and continue to be expanded until 9th century CE as Coptic Church. Marvel at the impressive colors on the walls and ceilings as you take steps among its great pillars.     

The long lasting architecture of Ancient Egypt proves their mastery of masonry and technology of construction. Sadly, many statues and reliefs were deliberately defaced and destroyed by some iconoclasts especially during Byzantine period. Still, a lot survived the many centuries and now stand as monuments of the past.

We hope the list above helps you for your next trip to Egypt. If you know other interesting temples and monuments to visit in Egypt, don't hesitate to tell us in the comment section.   

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