20 Futuristic Buildings in China that Look Like Something from Sci-Fi Movie

As China's economy booms, quirky architecture emerges throughout the landscape. Many of them look like the ones you see in sci-fi movies set in the future. 

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We have compiled some of the coolest buildings below. Check these out!

1. National Centre for the Performing Arts (the Egg), Beijing

2. Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai

3. Ring of Life, Fushun

4. Meixihu International Cultural Arts Centre, Changsha

5. Galaxy SOHO, Beijing

6. Cloudscape Library, Haikou

7. Ordos Museum, Inner Mongolia

8. Tianjin Binhai Library, Tianjin

9. Phoenix International Media Center, Beijing

10. Harbin Opera House, Harbin

11. Parc Central, Guangzhou

12. Shenzhen Contemporary Art Museum, Shenzhen

13. Beijing Airport

14. Nanchang Wave Community Center, Jiangxi

15. Tai'an Ceremony Hall, Shandong

16.Inkstone House, Sichuan

17. Sky SOHO, Shanghai

18. The Lotus Building, Changzhou

19. Tian An 1000 Trees, Shanghai

20. Shanghai Astronomy Museum, Shanghai

Incredible, aren't they? We hope they inspire you.

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