Magical Winter - 10 Beautiful Christmas Markets in Germany

Giant Christmas tree. Classic wooden stalls. Warm gingerbreads and sparkling lights overhead. Who doesn't love Christmas market? The Weihnachtsmarkt tradition started in Germany some 600 years ago. Today, Christmas markets all over Germany has become major attractions during winter. Unsplash
If you plan to visit Germany around November - December, you better check out the list below. We have selected some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany for you to see.

1. Striezelmarkt, Dresden

It is said that the world's first Christmas market as we know it today started here. Throughout the Advent Season until Christmas Eve, a large part of Dresden city center is turned into a massive Christmas market with puppet theatre, Ferris wheel, giant candle arch, and 240 booths selling food and toys. 

2. Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt, Stuttgart

Almost 300 booths will greet you in the historic Marktplatz at Stuttgart city center, each with merrily decorated roof. Feel the Christmas spirit as you walk through the illuminated alleys with the scent of cinnamon, vanilla, and grilled bratwurst in the air.  

3. Medieval Market and Christmas Market, Esslingen

Not far from Stuttgart, the town of Esslingen has a unique market where all the merchants of over 180 booths wear historical clothes from Medieval era. Get ready to be amazed by the jugglers and minstrels singing medieval songs. You can even watch blacksmiths and broom makers performing their skills!

4. Weihnachtsmarkt am Dom, Cologne

The square next to Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is the location of the city's biggest Christmas market. Around 150 wooden booths welcome up to 4 million visitors every year, with cute carousel for children and a huge natural Christmas tree decorated with 5,000 LED lights.  

5. Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt, Leipzig

Located at the historic city center, this is one of the largest and most popular Christmas markets in Germany. Bring your family or friends to enjoy the twinkling lights while sampling nuts and wine. Don't miss the performance of trombonists at the Old Town Hall! 

6. WeihnachtsZauber at Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

The magical Christmas market is situated in the heart of Berlin, between Französischer Dom and Deutscher Dom. Explore the many booths selling traditional dishes and handmade goods by local artisans. You can also find a lot of entertainment, from sensational fire-eaters to angelic choirs.   

7. Altstadt Weihnachtsmarkt, Düsseldorf

There are at least seven themed Christmas markets in Düsseldorf, but the one in Old Town (Altstadt) is located strategically between Artisan Market and Little Angels' Market. The booths are modelled after traditional burgher house, with the scent of roasted chestnut and mulled wine everywhere.

8. Aachener Weihnachtsmarkt, Aachen

Every late November, the square and streets around Aachen Cathedral are turned into a beautiful Christmas village with yuletide string lights and smell of traditional dishes such as Aachener gingerbread. The lively atmosphere has attracted not only Germans, but also a lot of foreign visitors.

9. Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz, Munich

The largest and oldest Christmas market in Munich is held at Marienplatz with around 140 booths offering traditional Bavarian cuisine and handmade stuff. Just in front of the neo-gothic town hall, you can find a super tall Christmas tree illuminated by 2,500 lights.  

10. Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market, Breitnau

Away from city center, this unique Christmas market is like something from a fairy tale with its location right inside the Bavarian Black Forest. Enjoy the snowy landscape surrounding the market as you stroll around the wooden booths lining up under a railway viaduct. 

Of course, there are dozens more Christmas markets all over Germany every winter. If you know other beautiful Christmas market in Germany, please write down your recommendation below. 

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